• Geysers Valley Detox Soap

  • This bar welcomes you to The Valley of the Geysers, a bubbling of sulphur springs, boiling mud, and active geysers in the heart of magical Kamchatka. 

    Bentonite clay and activated charcoal used in this bar are excellent for the skin in need of detoxification: they exfoliate, wash away any toxins and impurities, regulate sebum flow and improve skin circulation. Scented with earthy, woody, roots-derived vetiver essential oil and balsamic cedarwood essential oil, this soap is a very different experience and a treat for the skin. 

    This soap is a rich moisturising and conditioning blend of raw cold-pressed unrefined organic oils and butters. 

    Handmade from scratch with 100% plant ingredients using a traditional cold-process technique that helps to retain each ingredient’s nutrients and natural goodness. 

    Suitable for sensitive skin. 

    Please note, the geysers valley soap is sent directly from Ambre to our customers. Ambre dispatch within 2-3 days.


  • £6.00 £8.95

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