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  • going back to our roots

    We are huge fans of anyone that looks into building a future for traditional craftsmanship and saving trade and that is why we are supporting Portsmouth Shipbuilding who are planning on moving forward after the Government announced devastating plans to stop shipbuilding in Portsmouth a few months back.
    These guys are proposing a future 500 years of shipbuilding.
    Essentially, on top of utilising existing skills, facility and management to create a successful, sustainable, not-for profit community driven shipbuilding company, the idea also is that by working with the community, colleges, universities, councils, businesses & industries alike they will develop training programmes that support the development of these skills for 12-18yr olds by way of apprenticeships, training and mentoring schemes.
    This will not only provide a future for Portsmouth's threatened shipbuilding, but also will engage usage of the shipyard with immediate effect and encourage further trade, which will keep building Portsmouth's thriving dockyard with new business and new morale. 
    it's not necessarily the end of 500 years of Portsmouth Shipbuilding, it could be just the beginning of another 500
     more info hereyou can also show support by liking their facebook page
    also, if you like this, you will love these guys who are part of the above collaboration. bravo friends!
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