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  • Cake of Dreams | fatelondon

    So, if any of you aren't following us on Instagram, you probably wouldn't have known that one of us got married this summer.
    It was an amazing day full of amazing people and, without doubt, one absolutely amazing wedding cake...
    The creator of our beautiful and absolutely sublimely delicious cake above is the remarkable Cake of Dreams, who worked together with Saffron (the bride & our very own Creative Director) working on the design, flavour and vibe of this stunningly oozy and juicy, creamy cake, and heck...did they pull it off.
    It truly was a thing of beauty, way better than all expectations, admired by all and gobbled down immediately as soon as the guests could get their hands on it.
    Cake of Dreams make many different types of cakes, pies, tarts, cronuts, cupcakes (we could go on..) which are all made with fresh and wherever possible, organic ingredients, a whole heap of love, creativity and wild abandon. These guys are totally there for you, whatever you have going on in your life that makes you want to eat cake and smile!
    get in touch with them and order something immediately...they are really very lovely & extremely talented folk!
    for any of you interested in how everything else at the wedding looked...here is a little sneak behind the scenes of what was a truly lovely day
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