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    If you are heading to Bath at any point soon, then we would like to whisper 'Number 38 Clifton' to you.
    This is a small luxury Georgian townhouse settled on the very top of Clifton Downs with the most beautiful rooms to stay in.
    The interiors and ambience of the building just sweep you up into a lulling relaxed state of mind, so peaceful, despite the contrasting dishevelling weather we experienced outside at the time of our trip.
    Our room came with panelled walls, warm natural fabrics in muted tones, gentle metals coming through in the details and an absolutely enormous bathroom that was just the perfect perfect place to sit and mindfully stare out over the panoramic beautiful view of Bath. Who knew it could look so amazing?
    This place is beautifully decorated, everything feels just exactly right, nothing is overworked and yet no detail is missed. This is the perfect yin yang for your senses, they have nailed it.
    The breakfasts are huge and bounteous and we could have just locked ourselves in there for the whole week without feeling the need to leave.
    A great find for anyone looking to relax.
    Read more about Number 38 here
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