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  • abney park nature reserve

    abney park nature reserve is one of the few and most beautiful unspoilt natural spaces near us,

    it is also at risk of gaining a new neighbour as yet another supermarket proposal puts local businesses and views from this historical site at risk.

    We thought the idea of a nature reserve is to be exactly that...a reservation of nature, including beautiful clear scenic skies and views, not to be dwarfed by big built up imposing grey concrete buildings. It really is saddening that this small sense of nature could be totally lost.

    this is the backdrop for many famous shoots, including the acclaimed Amy Winehouse back to black music promo

    we just hope the right decision is made.

    see more of this beautiful park and cemetry here

    you can help to protect the surrounding areas by signing this petition 



    wonderful news! seems the plans were rejected, read about it here

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