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  • fatelondon in malta

     We have just returned from an epic journey away in Malta shooting with photographer Ali Tollervey who has captured some lovely work for us as we travelled around the beautiful sun-bleached, windswept island. (soon to be revealed..) 


    We met up with our friends at Uncommon who are founders of a unique guide book concept that is counterpoint to general travel guides, but rather have a charming approach of enveloping you in the complete essence of a place that you totally feel and sense upon visiting.

    Who could really be better than these guys to show us all around? filling us with cultural knowledge and the vibrant nature of this stunning island, feasting on foods and savouring the wild elements that encapsulate you. It was something else.



    We also had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with our new friends at Kinemastik  who are an Non-governmental Organisation in Malta who have year round cultural screenings, talks, exhibitions, clubs and concerts with various amazing people including a favourite of ours Bonnie Prince Billy 

    This ultimately ends with a triumphant collaboration of award winning directors films for their annual 2 day Kinemastik International short film festival.

    They are just getting ready for this years festival on 26th + 27th July which we are hoping to make it to, we highly recommend you do too.


     They are still accepting submissions until July 15th, so get in touch quickly if you have something you think is worth seeing.

     We just really wanted to say thanks to all of those above for really making it such a welcoming and memorable experience full of creativity and life well lived.

    see more of our trip here





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